Concluding thoughts


Intellect without Spirit leads to theorization - endless arguments. This leads to violent rebellion. After the dust settles, this leads to contemplative theorization - endless intellectual arguments; philosophy. Endless philosophical intellectual theoretical argumentation leads to death and ultimately the second Death. Knowledge leads to action. Therefore if your actions are based on human reasoning rather than the guidance of the Spirit, your actions are rebellion of the highest order. If your knowledge precedes, precludes, preempts, or prevents the Spirit, then you are subject to the dominion of the antichrist spirit. 

Scriptures about calendar

Scriptures about calendar ___________________________________________________________________ ▌under construction ▌under construction ▌under construction ▌ ___________________________________________________________________ Notes: ►References to NEW MOONS in the Bible are wrong. Look up the word in Strong's or any other. ►References to the FIRST DAY OF THE WEEK are wrong. Example for review: 1 Corinthians 16:2   Upon the firstG2596 G3391 day of … Continue reading Scriptures about calendar

Calendar page updated

Excerpt from: There are key features of the calendar that cannot be messed with. The following is my understanding: It is calculated and then verified by the sun, moon, and stars. The year is perfectly cyclical and not based on observation, but observation is used as witnesses to the cyclical calculation. The calendar is … Continue reading Calendar page updated