Trying to Research Ancient Calendars

Trying to research ancient calendars First stop, Wikipedia. They say most ancient societies used a lunasolar calendar. This is a strong statement so I want to find a basis for it. I Googled Philippines ancient calendar, and got inundated with unreferenced assumptions and emphatic statements by people who provided little evidence for their claim that … Continue reading Trying to Research Ancient Calendars

Covenant Law versus Levitical Law

I have brought this up in some of my writings and conversations with different people. Here is a look into the topic. Aside from that, it is easy to miss the significance because of the predilections we bring to the table when we read through the Tanach (Old Testament). It is also easy to … Continue reading Covenant Law versus Levitical Law

Music Downloads Now Available!

Actually, they have been available for a while, but I just now noticed that I can share the files... I'm really slow about seeing the obvious. So, if you want to DL my music, here's the MediaFire file share folder link. You can preview them in the music page, too. Have a blast! reading Music Downloads Now Available!

Marsh Map updated – pickax overload!

Minecraft Updates to my maps! *Page updated May 7 2019, First Quest Line Map 1, upload failed yesterday… new link is up. new file is named MarshMapQuestingMap1gLITCHFIX fixed diamond pickax overload! new link in map description on the Minecraft page. *Page updated May 6 2019, MarshMapQuesting – map 2. First Quest Line – map 2, MarshMap-Questing2_12012018.mcworld has … Continue reading Marsh Map updated – pickax overload!